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We are facing a global regime shift. The new era calls for new action. We need to think and act wisely, long-term and sustainable. We believe systemic understanding is a key. We also believe that challenges has to be met by focusing on identifying new revenue streams, designing new business moments and creating valuable change. We believe that everything is about communication. Everything. Without exceptions. That’s why we put great emphasis on how to create future user experiences.

We learn by thinking out loud – share your thoughts with us!

Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation

Revitalise a stale or worn out business through new revenue streams.


Business Moment Innovation

Combining data – information from people, things and places.


Business Transformation

Change hurts – shared intentions and expectations relieves pain.


Strategic Communication

No one will ask politely. All will require immediate respons.


Let The Cat Out is a new type of strategy company. We are driven by the fact that the challenges of tomorrow are so complex that they can not be solved in conventional ways. Something completely different is required.

Let The Cat Out

Let The Cat Out creates the future

Change is evolution. And we tend to accept change as long as it happens slowly, gradually, and as part of a continuum that we understand.

Now we are facing something much bigger. Simultaneous, diverse and more significant changes, compared to anything else before, are happening. We are facing a whole new eco system that is driven by forces already set in motion. And it is definite.

The occuring paradigm shift is not new knowledge. It has been known for a while. Therefore, we think it is frustrating that our elected politicians, corporate boards and company managements – people with power – are doing so little.

Something different is required

We take the meta perspective

Let The Cat Out is a strategic business advisory services company that supports organisational operations through innovation, digitisation and communication.

We believe that everything is about communication. Everything.

We create valuable and relevant change and transformation through understanding people. We establish intentions and frames that support organisations and individuals to achieve new desired behavior.

We also believe that a lot, maybe most of what we have become accustomed to, will change dramatically. Therefore we assist our clients in creating new revenue streams, design new business moments and new user experiences.


The brightest minds in the world

We believe in the ability and willingness to share knowledge. Therefore, we believe in networking and crowdsourcing.

Our network, the brightest minds and most colorful characters in the world, will help us fulfill our intentions and reach our clients’ goals.


”Conformity kills creativity. Dare to differ.”

Vera France

Let´s save the world today

We believe in the ability and willingness of people to share their surplus. Therefore, we believe in crowdfunding.

In the same way as a small part of a larger problem can be solved by using the sum of brain capacity from several individuals – many big and small contributions can make an accumulated and important difference.


”Rain is the difference between alive and dead.
Rain is the disparity between drain and bread.
We make change. We change the game.
We make rain. We are Rainmakers.”

Frank Candid

Crowd sourcing