Let The Cat Out

Release the cat!

Taking the meta perspective

We believe that our elected politicians, corporate boards and managements lack knowledge, courage and perseverance. We believe that we all have to put ourselves into a meta position to be able to think bigger, freer and in a long term perspective. We need to release our curiosity, freeing ourselves from habitual patterns, daring to take new steps without abandoning our integrity. We simply need to let the cat out.

Let The Cat Out is an innovative and creative company within the area of business advisory services. An association and network of individuals who all believe that the challenges we are facing are so numerous, complex and divergent that they can not be solved within excisting structures, processes and systems. We believe that business innovation and transformation requires speed and transparency. That it takes courage. And that it takes visible and available data. Therefore, we believe in free, open APIs and open innovation.

Open Innovation is based on data collected from all possible data sources; databases, files, sensors, IOT and feeds from people, things and places. The data then needs to be categorized, distributed and used in a scalable and secure way.

We have means to do this. We use a platform that provides high performance and ability to handle large amounts of transactions and data volumes. There is no doubt that open data and open APIs are important keys to success – if the intention is to create valuable and relevant innovation.

We believe that everything is about communication. Everything. And our entire offer is based on a belief that we need to think and act wisely, long-term and sustainable.

That is why we focus on Business Model Innovation, where we identify new values and new revenue streams for our clients’ existing value chain.

The Cat

That is why we focus on new technology and Business Moment Innovation, where we create new business opportunities based on data produced by people, things and places. We call it Internet of Everything.

That is also why we have such a strong focus on Business Transformation, where we identify and define the precise measures required to assist organisations, groups and individuals to succeed in meaningful change and transformation.

Strategic communication is a fundamental part of our offer to stimulate sales, marketing and internal communications. We support our clients when future user experience is about to be created.


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Passionate about changing the world? So are we. Do you want to invest wisely and sustainable, based on systemic understanding?