Contribute to make the world a better place

Crowdfunding – help us create a better world

It is possible to change the world. It starts with you. We believe in the ability and willingness of people to share their surplus. Therefore, we believe in crowdfunding. Many small contributions can make an accumulated and important difference. Together we can do anything we set goal for, to serve mankind.

We intend to allocate 5% of our revenue into a special fund. The purpose of the fund is to finance transformation and digitisation projects that probably never would be prioritized by companies or the society, but that will have great impact and importance towards individuals and the society at large.

Projects that we wish to contribute to, could be; innovative solutions that create updated opportunities for children and young people to build self-esteem, improved reception and handling of refugees, accelerated integration, enabling more efficient matchmaking between job seekers and employers, providing more humane elderly- and health care. What is your wish?