Let The Cat Out is an eco system of wise and colorful individuals, Interrelatives, who believe that the challenges of tomorrow can not be solved through existing mindsets, structures or processes. We work with systemic understanding and with humility before the complexity of the contexts we exist within and relate to.

Christer Ellingsworth

Contact: christer.ellingsworth@letthecatout.com
Mobile: +46-73-939 88 77

Christina Skoglund

Founder & Interrelative
Contact: christina.skoglund@letthecatout.com
Mobile: +46-70-883 93 62

Michael Fridholm

Founder & Interrelative
Contact: michael.fridholm@letthecatout.com
Mobile: +46-73-383 20 83

About the founders.

Christina Skoglund
I find nothing as satisfying as the act of creating. To build, shape, look for patterns, define context and give meaning. This is what I do and always have been doing, manifested in many different ways.

I have also great attention on my family. Richard, my husband, and our four children are what is the most important to me. As everybody else I have many facets. A struggling parent and soccer mom, entrepreneur, designer, strategist, change agent, foodie and certified Communicologist*.

Taking a meta position: analyzing and clearifýing intentions and purposes behind different behaviour. Learning more about all the different aspects of being a human, living in human systems, ignites my spark and feeds my curiousity.

As a direct result of the paradigm shift we will all meet lots of new opportunities. But time is scarce and most of us want to spend the little time we have on what we believe is significant and important for us on a personal basis. Therefore we need to create and develop wisely.

The progress of change and development is challenged by our willingness and adaptability to (re)learn. The mere thought of change causes uncertainty and discomfort for some. I am passionate about assisting people, groups and organisations in transformation. I am passionate about identifying the intentions and abilities that can provide power to the process. And I believe that anything is possible.

Change is irreversible, change is evolution.

* Communicology briefly defined as: The study of common factors in change work.
And in a longer version: The study of the structure and dynamics of communication and change – when all experience and all behavior is defined and studied as communication.


Michael Fridholm
There are things in life that are more important than anything else. Like my wife and my four children. And the sea, the mountains and nature. A thermos bottle with hot coffee and a crackling campfire too.

Small talk about the past and what has been is for me boring and dull. I find thoughts and conversations about the future stimulating and exciting.

The fact that we, today, are in the midst of a melting pot of extremely significant events that will affect our way of living gives me goose bumps. The fact that we, today, are in the wake of technological advances and in the beginning of a massive tech shift that gives us the opportunity and ability to design a variety of new useful products and services gives me hope and optimism. I believe that it will benefit all people, even the poorest people in our world.

The global system shift we now are facing is not just threats and problems. It is complex and challenging but above all it creates a multitude of opportunities.

For me it is obvious to work with these issues. It is the only thing that really interests me. I want to continue to explore the power of open innovation. I want to understand the absolute meaning of transparent networking and crowdsourcing. I want to continue exploring the sharing economy. I want to be part of a new sustainable eco-system in which everything will be connected – people, things and places.

I know that the fourth Industrial Revolution is my time.

All photos and illustrations on our web site are created by Mathilda Skoglund.

Mathilda on Flickr: https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/135336382@N08/
Contact: smathulda@hotmail.com

LetTheCatOut moves in to Tobaksfabriken, the old tobacco factory building in Stockholm.

Visit us at Maria Skolgata 83, 4th floor in Stockholm where LetTheCatOut shares office with BBH Arkitekter och Ingenjörer.
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